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Roger Hamilton is known in different ways to many people, and some have called him "Asia's leading wealth consultant." He is also the creator of Wealth Dynamics, a system that profiles entrepreneurs and tells them what strategy to use to build wealth based on their personality.

What Can You Learn Roger Hamilton about Wealth?

What can Roger Hamilton teach you about wealth? Some of these lessons will change what you have always believed, so be prepared!

1. Wealth is about more than Just Money

When you ask most people what they will do to create wealth, you'll realize that their emphasis will be on making a lot of money.

We now live in an era so dependent on money that we think money is everything; Roger Hamilton says it is important to realize, however, that wealth is about more than just money; wealth is what is left when you lose all your money.

Wealth Dymanics defines wealth as the path each individual has to follow, that is right for their own success; in other words, discovering your own path is the foundation for wealth, not making a lot of money.

2. There are only Eight Ways to Create Wealth

Most people could think about it in more ways than eight, but Roger Hamilton says the creation of wealth shouldn't be over complicated. According to him, there are 8 key ways to create wealth, and they are:

Build innovative products
Build an influential brand
Build high performance teams
Bring deals together
Buy and sell commodities
Buy and hold assets
Control cash flow producing assets
Create a system that can be duplicated

Roger Hamilton also says it is important to realize that the approach each person will take towards creating wealth will be different, depending on their personality and he lists the different types of personality of wealth creators to match the different ways to create wealth:

The creator
The star
The supporter
The deal maker
The trader
The accumulator
The lord
The mechanic

3. Anyone Can Create Wealth

According to Roger Hamilton, Wealth Dynamics is about whom we are, not what we do, and as a result creating wealth doesn't depend on a particular profession, industry, or country. Anyone willing to reach a new point of achievement can create wealth.

4. It is About Finding Your Path of Least Resistance

Contrary to what most wealth experts will have you believe, Roger Hamilton says that building wealth isn't about doing work you dread but, instead, it is about finding your path of least resistance; in other words, the first step towards building wealth is about finding what gives you the least stress and the most enjoyment.

According to Roger, if you are doing something that feels like hard work, you are already doing the wrong thing.

5. Wealth = Value x Leverage

Another lesson from Roger Hamilton's Wealth Dynamics is that wealth is about creating and leveraging value; every wealthy person on earth has used this formula, according to Roger.

The key to knowing how best you can create value is to know your wealth profile, as a result understanding what comes naturally to you, and then using this to create and leverage value to help you create wealth.

6. Focus on What You Can Do Best

Everybody has different personality profile, and as a result they have different things they can do really well; it is important to first understand your personality before trying to create wealth. If you are a "Star" and you try creating wealth as a "Trader," you are not following your path of least resistance and as a result won't find it very easy.

Because we all have limited amount of time, and we can only focus on few areas at once, Roger Hamilton suggest finding what we excel at and focusing on creating value in that area.

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